Silence is A Great Joy

Your life is what you want to become. ‘To be’ means being something: happy, unhappy, sorrow, excited. You have to understand that being means becoming.

How you will be depends on what you want to be. I think you know the famous statement by Rene Descartes “I think, therefore I am”. You have to know, What is that I?

Of course you are what you think. Your happiness or sorrow depends very much on what you think. So you are your thinking, your speech, your action, and all these things are your continuation.

You continuously become what you are ‘now’. In fact you are reborn in every moment. You can find your continuation in ‘now’.

You don’t need to care what happens to you when you die, but you always need to care for your present. So, always look at what is happening to you in the now. This silence within yourself lets you know what are the things that disturb your joy, and also teach you the tactics to get rid of them.

So, feel the silence within you, it’s a great joy.

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