What is Buddhism?

All major religions in the world believe in the concepts of one supreme god, eternal heavens and hells. But, Buddhism is free from all such beliefs, dogmas and theories.

Instead of these Buddhism tries to be more practical by emphasizing on cause and effect in every aspect. But, later on Buddhism was influenced by Hinduism, and Hindu practices like poojas, offerings and vows have crept into Buddhism.

Buddhism says that the virtues of charity, righteousness and meditation help an individual to follow ‘The Correct Path” in his journey towards the goal of Nibbana. The Philosophy of Buddhism is based on the Four Noble Truths, the Law of Dependent Origination, the Noble Eight-fold Path, Karma and rebirth.

Buddhism is the only religion that has discarded all animism, all sensuality, all dogmatism, all ascetism and all ceremonialism. It is based on the strong principles of universal compassion, charity, self-denial and love for all.

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