Who is Buddha?

Buddha can be said in a single sentence as “the highest perfection of man”. To attain Enlightenment and become a Buddha, one has to achieve ten Perfections (Paramita). They are: charity or seeking others’ welfare, virtuous discipline, renunciation of lay life, wisdom, patience, trust, determination and courage, compassion and equanimity.

To be a Buddha one has to release himself from all the attachment and sensual pleasures of the senses. He should be free of ignorance of Four Noble Truths. He has to be pure and attain Enlightenment with his own efforts.

Siddhartha has attained all these qualities and so became the Buddha. Because of his charismatic personality, many devoted disciples collected around him who were in search of the Truth. Gautama Buddha was an extraordinary man. He was a social reformer, and did not approve of animal sacrifices done according to Vedic traditions.

He even decried the caste system. And, several of his disciples belong to low castes. Radha, one prominent disciple of Buddha, was a beggar. The Buddha’s humanism crossed many racial and national barriers. He believed that all human beings are one though all of us are born differently because of our Karmic inheritances.

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  1. yes what you have written is correct.Then he is completly against veda, like varnaasram, animal sacrifice,bhramins . In that period youn can say that buddha is an materialist man. Because his teachings were very simple and hated the supremecy of bhramins the minority caste like dalits in india.

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