Basic Teachings of The Buddha – The Five Precepts

Every religion has some basic rules that define what is good and what is bad. In Buddhism also, Buddha said five most important rules, which every human being has to follow for a happy and peaceful living. Popularly known as Five Precepts, these are propagated by the Buddha himself.

They are

1. No killing – Respect for life

Life is dear to every living being. We should respect this, and try not to kill or harm a living being. For this, one should live a simple life by being a vegetarian.

2. No stealing – Respect for others’ property

Take care other’s belongings as you care for yours. Stop stealing other’s properties if you do.

3. No sexual misconduct – Respect for our pure nature

Sexual conduct plays an important role in one’ life. One can live happily and also gain respect of others only by having a proper sexual conduct. By the right conduct, you keep yourself free from most of the worries humans suffer.

4. No lying – Respect for honesty

Be honest and never lie. This way you can easily avoid many misunderstandings that disturb your relationship with others. Also, when you are honest others also try to be honest to you.

5. No intoxicants – Respect for a clear mind

By keeping yourself away from intoxicants like drugs and alcohol you can have a healthy body and mind.

So, follow these five precepts of Gautama Buddha, and have peace and happiness lifelong.

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