Basic Teachings of The Buddha – The Three Universal Truths

One day, Buddha sat down under a tree. He was amazed at the beauty of the countryside. He saw the blooming flowers and trees with bright new leaves. But, along with this beauty, he also saw much suffering and unhappiness among the living beings. He saw a farmer beating his ox, a bird pecking at an earthworm, and many.

During his enlightenment, he found answers to his questions. He explained his findings in the form of three simple universal truths, so that everyone could understand them easily.

1. Nothing is lost in the universe

This is the first truth Buddha found out. Matter turns into energy, and energy turns into matter. When a leaf is dead, it turns into soil. When a seed sprouts, it becomes a new plant. So, at the end, nothing is lost.

2. Everything Changes

As nothing is lost, at the same time everything changes – from one form to the other. You can easily find out that when you feel you are safe something unexpected happens. And, when you are in a problem you are saved from it.

3. Law of Cause and Effect

The law of cause and effect influences every action and object in this world. If one does good actions he experiences the benefits of it, and if does some sins experiences sorrows. This is most commonly experienced in every aspect of our life.

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