Buddhism – Daily Life and Schedule in A Monastery

For Buddhist monks and nuns the day starts very early before the sunrise. Long before daybreak, the monks and nuns attend morning ceremony. As part of ceremonies they chant praises to the Buddha, which the spirit and bring about harmony. Though they lead simple lives, they work to fulfill their responsibilities. Everyone works effectively, and feel contented with his or her duties.

During the day, the monks and nuns go for teaching in schools or give lectures on the Buddha’s teachings. Some others revise and translate Buddhist books and Sutras, take care of the temple, make Buddha images, prepare for ceremonies, care for the elders and the sick, and give advice to laypeople. Their day ends with a final evening ceremony.

With their simple and efficient work culture and religious practices, the monks and nuns get high respect. By leading a simple and pure life, they get extraordinary insight into the nature of things. Also, they lead healthy and energetic lives because of their planned daily routine. The laity, who lives in the temple, follows the same schedule the Sangha follows and works along with them.

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