How to Escape the Wheel of Life

According to Buddhism death is not the end of life. After one dies, the consciousness of that person leaves the body and enters into any one of the six paths of rebirth motioned below.

  • Heavenly Beings
  • Humans
  • Asuras
  • Hungry ghosts
  • Hell-beings

Action and State Relationship on the Wheel of Life

The above are the six states in the wheel of life in the order of superiority and happiness. At the top of all are the heavens, where everyone will be happy and blissful. Below are the hells where there will be unbearable suffering. Depending on the amount of good deeds done one will rise into a better state on the wheel of life.

The more evil deeds one does, the more down he will reach on the wheel of life. From one life to the next, a human can change from an human to a ghost to a hell-being. All this depends on the karmas (actions).

How to Escape the Turning Wheel

The basic traits in humans that bind them to the wheel of life are: greed, hatred, and stupidity. Once one is liberated from these traits he can escape the wheel of life and get enlightenment.
Below are four stages of enlightenment.

Buddhas– who attained perfect enlightenment.
Bodhisattvas– who enlighten themselves and also enlighten others
Pratyekabuddhas– who go to safe and silent places to enlighten themselves.
Arhats– who just enlighten themselves.

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