What You Need to Know about Buddhism

Buddhism recognizes two paths to enlightenment. One form, where you attain it on your own without guidance earns you the title of a Buddha e.g.Siddhartha Gautama If you reach enlightenment with the help of a buddha, you are known as an arahant. Enlightenment, bodhi, liberation or Nirvana is when you realize the true nature of reality.

The Noble Eightfold Path are divided into 3 sections, physical actions (Sila), meditation and concentration (Samadhi) and spiritual insight (Prajna)

Sila – physical actions

• Right Speech – One speaks in a non hurtful, non exaggerated and a truthful way
• Right Actions – Avoiding actions that would do harm
• Right Livelihood – One’s way of livelihood should not hurt others; directly or indirectly

Samadhi – meditation and concentration

• Right Effort — One makes an effort to improve
• Right Awareness — Mental ability and consciousness to see things for what they are with clear consciousness
• Right Concentration — Being aware of the present reality within oneself, without any craving or aversion

Prajna – spiritual insight

• Right Thoughts — bringing about a change in the pattern of thinking, by thinking right thoughts.
• Right Understanding — Understanding reality as it is, not just as it appears to be.

These are very important beliefs on which Buddhism is formed.

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