How Buddhists Make Non-Vegetarian Recipes?

If you are wondering how Buddhists can make non-vegetarian dishes in spite of being vegetarians then this is the right place to look out. People know a lot about the usefulness of being a pure vegetarian but they cannot be so themselves because they can hardly resist the tempting chicken, ham or fish.

Buddhist Non-Vegetarian Recipes
Here are two recipes which the Buddhists make which may taste like non-vegetarian but are pure vegetarian.

  • Vegetarian Ham Serves two: The ingredients that go into it are – tofu (1 ounce), soy sauce (1 ½ tablespoons), anise (a pinch of it), clove (1) and water (1 tablespoon). The preparation time is of less than twenty minutes and cooking would take about an hour. Soak the tofu for half an hour to soften. After that has been done put all the other stuff into it and marinate for two hours. On a smooth sheet in a flat surface put the mixture and cover it with another sheet. Then roll it up in a way that it forms a cylinder. Folding should be very tight. Tie it up with a cheese cloth and steam it about an hour. Your Vegetarian Ham is ready but should be served cold. Cut it into two pieces.
  • Buddhist Fish Dish Serves four: The ingredients for this are – Potatoes (2 large), Flour (4 tablespoons), Onions (1 large), Snow pea (1 pound), Peanut Oil for frying, Sugar and Salt to taste. Preparation time is just ten minutes and cooking another ten. Set aside potatoes after frying till golden-brown them with a thin flour coating. Fry onions, add snow peas and stir-fry it for some ten seconds. Gradually add salt, sugar and water. Boil it till the peas become tender. Then add the already fried potatoes. After a while your fish is ready.

These mock non- vegetarian dishes have been developed mainly by the Chinese and the Japanese; apart from them the Buddhists living in Vietnam, Thailand, Tibet, India etc have also contributed in this.

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