Buddhist Funeral Practices

In Buddhist teaching, when death occurs to one, one’s relatives will stay calm and peaceful. A positive mind is vital for lay Buddhists to face death, since death is just a natural phenomenon and an inevitable fate. There are some rituals and practices for Buddhist funeral.

Preparations for the Buddhist Funeral

  • In Buddhist tradition, a Buddhist funeral is supposed to be simple but dignified. Luxurious ceremonies are considered as meaningless and unnecessary. The money collected on the funeral will be offered to charity.
  • A peaceful venue will be selected for the body of the departed, and the casket for the departed should be economical.
  • The family of the death may invite monks to practice the chanting and Buddhist teachings. All these help transcend the merit of the death.

Paying Respects
The family of the death and guests should stand straight , bow down with hands crossed together and observe a silent respect.

The Burial Ceremony
The family members and friends of the death will take part in the ceremony. They may cremate the body, collect the ashes next day and enshrine it in a valuable container of scatter it at sea or hill.

Family members collect money from their relatives and friends, since it is a symbol of condolence and merit which can be transferred to the death.

Memorial Service

According to Buddhist tradition, there are no specific day for memorial service. So family members of the death can randomly choose any day from the 3th , 7th, 49th or 100th day after the funeral. They may invite monks to their house or hold the ceremony in a monastery. At the same time, family remembers collect offerings from guests and transfer them to the death, so that the death will be able to reborn into the World of Happiness where he may gain merits.

If the relatives and friends don’t offer anything for the death, family members also appreciate their coming.

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