What is Expected of a Good Buddhist?

The historical Buddha was a good role model for his practitioners. For a lay Buddhist, his ultimate goal is to attain nirvana, and releasing oneself from the cycle of death and life. But, are there any particular requirements to identify oneself as a good Buddhist? Generally speaking, there are some top things that one is supposed to do in order to label oneself as a good Buddhist.

  • Committed to be under the protective principles provided by the Buddha, Dhamma, and the Sangha.
  • The Buddha is a symbol of enlightenment, but not a God or an incarnation of a divine being to be worshipped. The Dhamma refers to the natural laws of the human beings. The Sangha are the collective body of monks who follow the Buddha’s way of life and offer guidance to the lay Buddhist.

  • Practice meditation and mindfulness.
  • Meditation, known as mental concentration and mindfulness, is a central practice of Buddhism. It is vital to learn tranquility and insight meditation, which are the two main types of Buddhist meditation.

  • Seek enlightenment and the path to truth.
  • The point of meditation is to calm down and sweeten one’s mind. A good Buddhist is seeking a way to work with mind to alleviate suffering.

  • Follow the practice of the five precepts.
  • The practice of the five precepts aims to shape one’s morality. The five precepts are as follows:

    1. Avoid taking the life of all living beings.
    2. Avoid taking things not given
    3. Abstain from sexual misconduct
    4. Avoid false speech
    5. Refrain from intoxicating substances

  • Learn from fellow lay Buddhists
  • Before attaining enlightenment, lay people can learn a lot from other practitioners. Learn the meditation practice and the philosophical topics from others.

  • Do good deeds for all living beings.

  • Buddhist religion believes that we should bless all living beings and do good deeds to others. Try to plant positive seeds and wish all living beings can get liberation from suffering.

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