Buddhist Prayer

Introduction to Prayer

Prayer is a form of traditional practice in most religions. It is a deliberate practice to get spiritual connection with God or any deity through singing songs, hymns or other forms of utterance. It is an essential part of spiritual journey to transcend from suffering to happiness.

What is Buddhist Prayer?

In Buddhism tradition, prayer is a powerful practice to be liberated and enlightened. The purpose of Buddhist prayer is to activate people’s inner potentials of strength, compassion and wisdom and resonate the compassion the Buddha. Generally speaking, it is seen as a ritual worship in order to be liberated by the Buddha as well as to help all living beings.

With respect to meditation, prayer always goes with meditation, serving as a supportive part of the practice of meditation. It is a practice to invoke the positiveness and virtues in one’s heart.

What are the Forms of Buddhist Prayer?

    A mantra is a short prayer involved with words, syllables and phrases. It is practiced over and over again by a person either in a silent manner or in a audible manner.
    Chanting with a prayer wheel is a way of meditation. One can spin the prayer wheel and chant in order to awake the the Buddha of Compassion.

What is the Function of Buddhist Prayer?

  • Seek Enlightenment:
  • By practicing prayer, one is to draw the compassionate attention of the Buddha. Every time a Buddhist prays, he is seeking the Buddha’s guidance to achieve enlightenment for the sake of all living beings.

  • Purify Mind:
  • The practice of prayer helps one confess oneself and change one’s nature, serving as a catalyst for modification of one’s situation. It is a way of self-talking and self-therapy. Through profession, one is on the way to abandoning desire and attachment and picking up virtues.

  • Seek Inspiration
  • : Prayer signifies one’s aspiration to grow the seeds of good in one’s life, like purity, energy, blessing, compassion and wisdom. It awakes one’s inspiration in one’s inner heart and mind. That’s to way, prayer introduces one into the world of great compassion with the aid of the Buddha.

  • Self-Enrichment:
  • Buddhist prayer can be practiced every time and every place. It enriches one with deep consideration and insightful idea by connecting one with spiritual merits. Frequent prayer will benefit one in making good decision and gain new insight.

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