How to Practice Tibetan Buddhist Prayer

In Buddhist tradition, there are various ways to pray. In this respect, Tibetan Buddhism provides a range of ways of prayer for its practitioners to invoke the compassion of the venerable Buddha. Let’s see how to practice Tibetan Buddhist prayer.

  • Meditation:
  • There are two types of Tibetan Buddhist meditation.

    1. One is analytical meditation, in which one is supposed to explore one’s logical reasoning power to judge by oneself whether the teachings are true or not. During this meditation, a Buddhist is encouraged to eradicate suspicions and draw a clear conclusion about the way that living beings exist.

    2. The other one is concentrative meditation or fixation meditation, in which a Buddhist should concentrate his mind on a certain object to the extent where his mind can focus on that object without any distractions.

    These two types of meditation are deeply related to each other. The better a Buddhist can logically analyze, the more possibility he can have to achieve concentration of overcoming obstacles; the better a Buddhist can concentrate, the deeper potential of logical analysis he can reach.

  • Tibetan Prayer Wheel:
  • This is the Tibetan mani wheel decorated with many tiny scrolls and OM Mani Padme Hum. A Tibetan Buddhist spin the prayer wheel while practicing the mantra so as to spread his compassion to the Buddha and awake the Buddha’s compassion. However, this kind of invoking is not to influence the the Buddha, but to resonate the Buddha.

  • Taking Refuge:
  • In order to attain enlightenment, Tibetan Buddhists take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and the Sangha. By taking protective practice of the three, a Tibetan Buddhist will generate merits and perfections to benefit living beings.

  • The Long-Life Prayer:
  • The recipient is the 14th Dalai Lama. Tibetan Buddhists sing highly of the holiness of Dalai Lama by praying ”He is the origin of happiness and good in the paradise. Powerful Chenrezig, may you long live until the end of samsara.”

  • Praise:
  • Tibetan Buddhists also recite Praise to pray, including Praise to Amitabha and Manjushri.

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