Things You Should Know About Buddhism

It is widely known that Buddhism is a religion and philosophy based on the teachings of the Buddha. To know more about Buddhism, there are some basics of Buddhism that you may want to learn.

  • Buddhism doesn’t believe in God or any deity, as a result, it doesn’t worship or pray to any divine beings and doesn’t offer any form of forgiveness, salvation, expectation or a final evaluation to its practitioners.
  • Buddhism serves as an ethical philosophy for its followers to attain enlightenment and ultimate liberation. It shares more similarity with humanism and atheism than Hinduism which is its original religion.
  • For centuries, Buddhism has been the major religion of the Eastern world, including China, Japan, Korea and the Southeast Asia. Along with the increasing Asian population in the United States, Buddhism has attracted thousands of American lay people and has witnessed the growing development of Buddhist monasteries and temples in the States.
  • Throughout the world, there are around 327 million people practicing Buddhism. Even though various offshoots of Buddhism exist, they come from the two major branches: Theravada (the oldest one, popular in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia) and Mahayana (popular in East Asia).
  • Sangha in Buddhism refers to the communities of Buddhist monks. A monk is supposed to practice daily meditation in a yellow robe with his head shaved. Buddhists take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma as well as the Sangha. Sangha is a religious community in honor of Buddhist qualities. In order to become enlightened, monks are bound with numerous forbidden regulations.
  • Buddhism encompasses a variety of holy and humanitarian teachings that resonate in its practitioners all over the world. It has exerted a tremendous influence in the societies associated with Buddhist religion.

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