The Message of The Buddha

Through 49 days of meditation, under the Bodhi tree, the Buddha achieved enlightenment at the young age of 35. The Buddha had great compassion to teach all living beings in the universe.

  • Life is a Reality, and Reality is Suffering
  • Life is suffering, since life goes on along with pain, sickness, unfaithfulness, sadness, disappointment, delusion, dissatisfaction, fear, rejection, loss, failure and death. Physical and mental pain in life is inevitable. In short, life won’t go smooth without imperfection. As such, one can move on without worrying about being imperfect.

    Take suffering into account, but it doesn’t mean that life is hopeless. It is more than a mental catalyst to disappoint one, but an attitude towards the ups and downs in life.

  • Attachment and Desire Lead to Suffering.
  • Greed, ego and attachment are three poisons. One’s craving for fashionable clothes, brand cars, luxurious houses and other materials would cause one’s suffering, since all these desires cost one’s energy, health and passion. Buddhism believes:

    1. Nothing is permanent.
    2. Everything is interconnected
    3. Oneness means that there is no self and no other.

  • Refraining From Attachment is the Cessation of Suffering
  • Isolated self is the source of all other suffering. If we can free ourself from self and ego, we can be released from suffering. We should live a life beyond self, beyond delusion and beyond attachment.

  • The Noble Eightfold Path is a Way Out of Suffering.
  • The Buddha taught that one can end suffering through the pursuit of morality, meditation and wisdom, that is, the pursuit of the Eightfold Path: right speech, right action, right livelihood, right concentration, right mindfulness, right effort as well as right view. The Eightfold Path is known as the ”Middle Way”, as it keeps a balance between indulgence and asceticism. Buddhism bears a resemblance to Yoga and Taoism in that it is in favor of a life that is moderate, non-violent and compassionate.

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