The Noble Eightfold Path

In Buddhist tradition, The Eightfold Path is a principle teaching to attain the cessation of suffering and achieve self-awakening. It is a beneficial way for human beings to gain ethical and mental development through the alleviation of attachments, desires, greeds and delusions.

Right View
It is a way to gain reasonable and right understanding of reality without confusion, misunderstanding and delusion. One should look at life, nature, the world as well as the existence of all living beings as they really are. In this respect, right view is an integral part of wisdom. It means to see through the real nature of objectives, and to understand the practical aspect of things. Right view leads to right thoughts and right actions.

Right Intention
It is related with right view. A right view assures a right intention. Right intention is synonymous with right thought, right perception, or right expectation of an action. Buddhists follow the teaching of right intention to get rid of immoral thinking, evil thought and ill will. Buddhist practitioners should make a commitment to non-violence towards other living beings.

Right Speech
Buddhist followers should speak in a right manner without telling false speech that may insult others. What is right speech?
1. Telling truth
2. Speaking concord
3. Avoiding abusing
4. Speaking what is factual, reasonable and worthwhile.

Right Action
It refers to moral or ethical action. As such, Buddhists are encouraged to be morally upright in their conduct without bringing harm to other living beings.
1. Avoiding taking life, stealing, misconduct, robbery, unfaithfulness as well as cheating.
2. Act in a kind and compassionate way and respect others

Right Livelihood
It means that one should lead a righteous life without harming other living beings. One should avoid killing, trading human beings, slaughtering animals, selling and buying intoxicants.

Right Effort
Buddhists should make right attempt to abandon wrong thoughts and wrong conduct. There are three stages of right effort:
1. Abstaining pre-arising unwholesome
2. Abstaining unwholesome that has risen
3. Keep the wholesome that has arisen

Right Mindfulness
It refers to a state of right awareness and right attention. One should keep alert to the surroundings that may affect oneself, focusing on the body, feeling, mind and mental qualities.

Right Concentration
It refers to a process to achieve mental meditation. One should get rid of desires, unwholesome thoughts and attachment in order to concentrate one’s full energy on one specific object. One should practice right concentration and contemplate on one’s body, feeling, state of mind and other phenomena.

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