The Dalai Lama’s Three Main Commitments

The Dalai Lama is the 14th Tibetan religious and political leader, who is revered among Tibetan citizens. He has devoted all his life to promote Tibetan cultural and religious traditions. Meanwhile, he has three main commitments.

First, as a human being, His Holiness promotes human values like compassion, loving-kindness, forgiveness, tolerance, self-discipline as well as contentment. He considers all these human values as secular ethics that would bring happiness to human beings. In his eyes, all human beings should make a commitment to these human values in that these values help people get liberation from suffering.

Second, as a Buddhist practitioner, His Holiness promotes religious harmony, mutual respect and understanding among all the major religions in the world. All major world religions share the same goal to promote human development and bless the well-being of human beings. As a result, each religion should show respect, recognition and tolerance to other religions. Different religions are able to co-exist on an individual level as well as on a community level.

Third, His Holiness claims himself to be a Tibetan and strives for the liberation of Tibet. With respect to the Tibetan issue, the Dalai Lama takes the responsibility as the spokesman of the Tibetans. The Tibetan issue has raised wide attention in the international community. There is still a long way to go until a mutually beneficial solution is worked out between Tibetan and Mainland of China.

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