Buddhist Misunderstandings (3)

This article goes on with one of the Buddhist misunderstandings.

  • Supra Mundane
  • The Buddha taught us: There is this world as well as another world beyond this.

    Some argue, apart from this world we are living, there is also a world outside of this world. In this sense, being dissatisfied with this world, they want to go away from this world and seek to go to another place. It is a wrong conclusion. By holding the view of ”another world” may lead to a desire to escape reality, which is actually a delusion. People who try to blind the existent world and find out ”another world” tend to be pessimistic about reality or too skeptical about reality.

  • What is Supra Mundane?
  • The Buddhist ”out-worldly” or ”supra mundane” refers to the fact that we are living in this world and we will still live in this world when we achieve enlightenment. Even though the Buddha have attained nirvana, he still lives inside the wheel of life. What he is situated is a state of liberation. Out-worldly is not a matter of time or space, but a matter of state of mind.

    Why is something called ”worldly”? Everything that is changeable is worldly. Nothing can escape the time frame: past-present-future or space frame: existence—non-existence as well as good-bad. When it comes to human beings, ”worldly” suggests that we are living without knowing the cause and effect of the past, present, future, good or bad. As a result, we have no idea, as human beings, where we are from and where we are going and what is the point of living in the world.

    ”Out-worldly” refers to the realization of the Buddhahood. If we see through the Buddha’s teachings, we will know the meaning of life and gain the wisdom of the truth and understanding life. It is a philosophy that encourages us improve ourselves from a worldly person towards a highly spiritually person. It can’t be used as an excuse to run away from life.

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