Top 5 Celebrity Buddhists

What is the huge news in the celebrity world? Lists of celebrities publicly claim themselves as Buddhists. Among all the hot news, celebrity Buddhists are hitting the spotlight. It doesn’t matter whether they are looking for a new shiny label to slap on their reputation or not. The truth is that the historical Buddha is now stepping into the fashionable life of celebrities.

Here we are trying to give a list of top 5 celebrity Buddhists who have engaged in Buddhist practices in their artistic life. We hope you will get inspired and entertained.

  • Steven Seagal
    Steven Seagal ranks one of the highest on the list. It is said that he had been announced publicly as a Tibetan lama in the year 1997. It sounds absurd while it is associated with his action movie. And it did come across some disbelief and doubt during the initial announcement until the confirmation statement was given by his Buddhist teacher, Penor Rinpoche. Religion knows no borders, so does Buddhism. Steven Seagal has claimed his practice of Buddhist meditation in the public spotlight.
  • Aung San Suu Kyi
    Apart from her strive for the democratization of Burma and her Noble Peace Prize for the peaceful and non-violent struggle, Aung San Suu Kyi is also famous for her Buddhist upbringing. She is heavily influenced by the philosophy of non-violence initiated by Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Richard Gere
    Gere is an enthusiastic Buddhist. He has a deep friendship with The Dalai Lama. He practices meditation everyday and enjoys the Buddhist teachings a lot.
  • Herbie Hancock
    Hancock is a supportive practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism, which regards chanting as a form of meditation. As a member of the Japanese Buddhist movement, Herbie Hancock claims that Buddhism has been an integral part of his artistic life.
  • Kate Bosworth
    Rumor has that Kate Bosworth starts practicing Buddhism because of her boyfriend, who has been into the Buddhist practice for a while. She once announced: Buddhist practice is just a really incredible state of mind and it makes oneself a better person and focus on what one wants for oneself and the world.

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