What is Buddhist Cosmology?

Buddhist Cosmology

It is a school of Buddhist philosophy associated with the origin, process and structure of the universe.

Even though it is far away from our daily life, Buddhist cosmology enables us to get better understanding of the concepts of time and space. Meanwhile, the knowledge of the Buddhist cosmology provides us precious guidance to make decisions and move progressively toward positive goals during the course of our life.

The Concepts of Time and Universe

The Buddha admits the limitlessness of the universe and the incalculable length of time. According to the Buddha, the universe has no perceptive beginning and boundless space. There is no time, so the past and future are just delusive. What we perceive is that we can see the light in a candle. As a matter of fact, the light comes into being for a while then disappears. The light passes out so fast that we can’t notice the darkness after that.

Precisely speaking, time only exists in the present, since the past can be the future and the future will turn out to be the present. The present is the only status that we can see and hold steadily in our hands. In this respect, what we learn from the Buddha is that we should cherish the present moment.

The Concept of Spirit

In Buddhist tradition, the abstract spirit, just like the universe, goes on without the beginning and the end. It comes into being and then passes away. It repeats this cycle again and again. Only those who have already achieved enlightenment can transcend this cycle.

We have to purify our mind and spirit from all cravings and attachments, so as to achieve the state of mindfulness—not coming into being, not passing away and not subject to the limit of time and space.

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