A Personal View on Buddhism

Having written on Buddhist channel for half a month, I gradually got familiar with Buddhist teachings. Even though I simply do some research about Buddhism, but my insight into Buddhism is not superficial. From my perspective, Buddhism is not more than a religious practice, but about one’s viewpoint about oneself and the world.

  • On The Buddha
    Until now, I still have no idea about the image of the Buddha. It seems that there is no unified image for the Buddha. Each Buddhist country has its own specialized image for the Buddha. And, there is no point judging which one is better than others. What the Buddha to Buddhists is just as the God to Christians. But I myself, not a Buddhist, also have an image of the Buddha, who has a medium figure and shiny face.
  • On the Five Precepts
    The Buddha teaches that one should abstain from the acts of killing, stealing, indulging in sexual misconduct, making false speech and taking intoxicants. When it comes to modern society, it also makes sense. What if a policeman has to shoot a murderer who is killing tens of kids in a kindergarten? The Five Precepts have specific exceptions. Since The Five Precepts were taught by the Buddha, a human being, we human beings should not be bound by all this kind of teachings. The Buddha teaches us to be moral people. As such, we should use it for the benefit of morality.
  • On The Noble Eightfold Path
    The Buddha mapped out a clear path to enlightenment, called The Eightfold Path. But, just as the word “mapping out” suggests, the Buddha simply pointed out a noble path for Buddhist practitioners to follow, but not a final way. Nobody can attain enlightenment by simply following The Eightfold Path. What else one needs to do is to be fully into the religion of the Buddha without desires for worldly attachments or other faith.
  • On Reincarnation
    Buddhism believes in the concept of reincarnation, teaching that human beings will repeat the cycle of birth and death after death. There are six worlds after death and where one will go all depends on one’s deeds, named karma. As a result, one is encouraged to do good deeds so as to step into heaven, a world with less suffering. Personally speaking, I do share this concept. An unselfish life with good deeds matters a lot in one’s whole life.

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