Angry? Go to Buddhist Belief !

Anger is an obstacle and poison to the attainment of enlightenment. But we do get angry. Anger is one of the three poisons in Buddhist samsara and rebirth. Purifying oneself from the emotion of anger is vital for a Buddhist practitioner. Among all the Buddhist teachings, there are effective ways to treat anger, fury, rage or wrath.

Let’s see how Buddhism teach us to deal with anger.

  • Be Peaceful
    Buddhism teaches peacefulness or mindfulness, which plays a central role in Buddhist meditative practice. Peacefulness is described as a calm awareness of one’s emotional, mental and physical behaviors. Inherited from Buddhism, peacefulness tells us that we should admit our anger with a clear mind, rather than indulge in the disorder of anger. The realization of our anger helps change our roles in the process of anger into outsiders, who can see through the anger clearly and find out the solution to it.
  • Be Nothingness
    The Buddha teaches that it is you that make yourself angry. Meanwhile, Buddhism believes in non-self or nothingness. In face of anger, we should find out the root of anger. Anger is created by mind, so we should be more specific and unselfish on the cause of anger. It is said that allowing anger controls one’s mind is like committing suicide.
  • Anger is Seductive
    Buddhism believes in the unjustifiable nature of nature. Once our ego is involved in the treatment of ego, we never succeed. Even though Buddhism teaches the loving kindness to all living beings, including ourself, we are supposed to be free from selfish attachment in order to get rid of anger. The more we tend to protect ourself, the more we are going to get self-indulged in anger.

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