Are You a Buddhist Single?

It is widely believed that a Buddhist is supposed to remove attachment and worldly desire from the mind in order to achieve enlightenment. Does it mean that a Buddhist single should keep to himself and isolate from society? In fact, it is not true.

The role as a Buddhist is simply a religious choice, just as Catholic and Hindu. There is no point denying the colorful nature of Buddhist life. Even the Dalai Lama has a choice to lead an interesting life. To live Buddhism, a Buddhist should practice in the right way. However, for a Buddhist single, dating and marriage is acceptable.

  • A Buddhist Is Not Born As a Buddhist.
    Many Buddhists adopt Buddhism in their middle age or older age. It is said that Buddhism is mostly accepted by a person when he /she has experienced a lot and seen through the ordinary life. No one is born as a Buddhist. Through the practice of Buddhist philosophy and meditation, one can claim oneself as a Buddhist.
  • A Buddhist Single Seeks Buddhist Compassion.
    There are lots of online dating sites for Buddhist singles. When it comes to a Buddhist relationship, it is not that easy for a Buddhist single to find a perfect mate. Seeking Buddhist compassion is to develop Buddhist practice and share Buddhist meditation.
  • A Buddhist Single Life is Simply a Choice.
    Buddhist singleness is similar to common singleness. The former may be based on religious belief and the latter a choice of lifestyle. Both share a common characteristic: one can choose what they want and enjoy their singleness. If a Buddhist thinks being single benefits his/ her path to enlightenment, he may choose to stay single for life. If not, he/she can find another Buddhist practitioner.

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