Buddhist Passion: Buddhist Dating

Do you know Buddhist dating? All you know about Buddhist may be just the image of the Buddha or The Dalai Lama and his disciples. But they don’t date. What they only do is to practice Buddhism and bless all the other couples rather than hold a candlelight dinner with girls.

So, how come Buddhist dating? Even though a Buddhist’s ultimate goal is to attain enlightenment—a state of mindfulness towards attachment and desire, Buddhist dating is still seen as an acceptable behavior. The Eightfold Path is a clear path to enlightenment mapped out by the Buddha. Buddhist dating is a matter of meditation, wisdom and moral behavior, which are three integral parts of The Eightfold Path.

    • Buddhist Dating Doesn’t Lead to Marriage.
      Buddhist dating doesn’t necessarily end up as marriage. Some date for companionship, some for sex, while others for promise. Marriage is served as a social contract that bounds the life of two person. Buddhist relationship and marriage are simply individual choices of lifestyle. As long as it is made for a right reason, Buddhist dating is perfectly normal and acceptable.
    • Buddhist Dating is a Way to Make Love Connections.
      For a Buddhist single, his preference for a date is the one who also practices Buddhist religion. Many Buddhist singles are only interested in Buddhist practitioners who can share religious companionship with them. Here, Buddhism simply serves as a love bridge between Buddhist singles. Buddhist dating is an initial phase for two Buddhist singles to cultivate their Buddhist love connections.


  • Buddhist Dating is a Lifestyle.

Buddhism is more than a religion practice. It is a lifestyle associated with the philosophy of compassion and empathy as well as forgiveness and peace. For a Buddhist, dating with another Buddhist single is much easier to achieve enlightenment than with one who has another faith or religion. Many Buddhists chose the practice of Buddhism because of their belief in this specific philosophical lifestyle. And Buddhist dating is not a necessary part of their religious life. It is must be better if they can find one who shares Buddhist companionship; but, if not, it is ok.


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