A Buddhist Perspective on Health

In modern society, health problem is seen as one of the most significant issues of human beings. Scientific health facilities and systems provide great help in health care. But not all health problems can be cured by scientific techniques. Buddhist principle on health offers an alternative way to perceive health and illness. Here we present some Buddhist approaches for managing and solving health problems.

Buddhist Understanding of Health

  • The Meaning of Health
    Health refers to a physical and mental condition without illness and diseases. What is Buddhist disease? The meaning of health and disease encompasses two aspects in Buddhism: disease of body and disease of mind.Mental disease is associated with all kinds of sufferings. From Buddhist perspective, mental health means the condition completely free from all sufferings. It doesn’t mean that a mentally healthy person doesn’t suffer from any other physical pains, but means that all the physical ailments cannot disturb one’s mind or can’t be any roots of other sufferings.As regards physical health, it is almost the same as today’s meaning, refering to the body conditions. However, Buddhist physical health has extended to the perfection of the mind. Body pains and death are just two superficial aspects. It goes further to one’s life goal and one’s pursuit of extending life scope.
  • Buddhist Health Care
    Buddhism offers The Noble Eightfold Path to prevent all diseases. To prevent diseases, we should get to know the causes of diseases. The Buddha teaches that we diminish the roots of diseases by removing ignorance, attachment and desire. The more we remove, the healthier we will become. However, the Buddha teaches us two more critical factors to deal with diseases.
  • Wise consideration
  • Connection with the virtuous
  • Since the more wisely we consider, the healthier our mind are. Living with the virtuous help get progress in health. To live in tune with nature and with less attachment will benefit us a clam mind.

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