Buddhist Lifestyle

As a scared religion, Buddhism is considered to be mysterious by non-Buddhists. They are wondering what kind of life Buddhists are living. In fact, there is no simple all encompassing answer to Buddhist lifestyle, since Buddhism has been developed into various traditions with different ways of living. Here we are trying to make a brief summary about Buddhist lifestyle.

    • Take Refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha
      Taking refuge in the Buddha means entrusting the merits of understanding, faith and compassion. The reason for this is that we human beings are given guidance by the Buddha, who is regarded as the greatest teacher and the symbol of the genuine human potential. It is just like baptism in Christianity. Taking refuge in the Dharma is to seek truth in Buddhist teachings. Through the study of the Dharma, we are endowed with pure mind, loving-kindness as well as compassion for all living beings. Moreover, taking refuge in the community of the Sangha is to seek monastical protection for Buddhist pra


  • Meditate
    Meditation plays a central role in Buddhist practice. Buddhists perform meditation at a set time in a specific place every day. It is an integral part of their Buddhist life. A Buddhist may go for sitting meditation, walking meditation or other types of meditation. But the ultimate goal is to self-recovery and self-improvement, thus moving towards the way to mindfulness. Daily meditation is also an effective way to clear mind and help make a more reasonable decision.
  • Follow the Morality of the Five Precepts
    Along with must-do things, Buddhism also provides better-not-to-do lists of things—the Five Precepts. According to the rules of conduct, a Buddhist should avoid taking life, stealing, making false speech, misusing senses and intoxicating food. We can’t see these rules as a burden, but an incentive that push us towards be a much better person. The Five Precepts serve as a guiding light that gives us a right direction during our course of life.
  • Worship the Buddha
    It may seem silly to worship an image that has passed away long long ago. But the genuine aim to worship the Buddha statue is to pay a respect to the spirit of Truth and Love inherent in the Buddha. It can’t be seen as an individualism, but an opportunity to get close to spiritual baptism.
  • Be a Vegetarian
    With respect to food habits, some Buddhists are converted into vegetarians, but others are not. It all depends on the extent to which an individual decides to follow the Buddhist practices. And it is not specifically mapped out by the Buddha what a Buddhist should eat.

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