How to Find a Buddhist Teacher

A good Buddhist teacher help you a lot on the path to enlightenment. However, before finding a teacher, you should make clear why you need one. Bear in mind that a Buddhist teacher cannot create life you want or make a high-spirit person that you want to be. Furthermore, a teacher cannot alleviate your pain and enrich you enlightenment.

So, why do you need a Buddhist teacher? As one begins the spiritual trip of practicing Buddhism, one still falls victim to his habitual behaviors. Without the guidance of a master, one cannot walk out of the cycle of wrongdoings. You need a teacher standing outside your inner world and show you the direction to progress.

  • Remove Ego
    You might think you are doing well in practice. A complacent person tends to be self-indulged in his/her own practice. However, once challenged by masters, your insight disappears just like a smoke in the breeze. A teacher will pull you out of ego and look yourself with deeper insight.
  • Start From Buddhist Centers Nearby
    Figure out whether there is a Buddhist center around where you are living now. It is ideal to start Buddhist practice with teachers in a Buddhist center nearby. This will save lots of troubles and time. Meanwhile, a person will be less distracted by other problems brought about by the commute everyday.
  • The Best Teacher is Usually the Most Ordinary One.
    How can you tell a real teacher from a fraud one? Many school institutions will authorize qualified teachers to teach. A good teacher must have some association with authorized institutions. And he will never bagger who he is and will never promise that he can give you a great way to attain enlightenment.

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