Buddhist Myth

What is the Core Teaching of the Buddha?

Among all the insightful teachings of the Buddha, discipline, meditation and wisdom are three major aspects.

  • Discipline through following the Five precepts, is the way to achieve meditation. The ability of self-discipline takes time and energy to practice. However, a person with insight to the importance of it will definitely endeavor to be disciplined.
  • Deep meditation is the critical process toward gain wisdom and insight. Discipline helps a person concentrated on objects.
  • Wisdom will be attained naturally once one has the ability of self-discipline and deep meditation.

What Are the Four Current Types of Buddhism?

It is said that there are four types of Buddhism being practiced all over the world.

  • Religious Buddhism. It refers to the religion practiced in Buddhist temples. The Asian countries witness numerous Buddhist monasteries, especially in Taiwan, but it is not the real Buddhism. What people do in those temples and monasteries are giving offerings and incense to the monks and the paying reverence to the image of the Buddha.
  • Academic Buddhism. It can be witnessed in many universities in Japan. As an academic pursuit, Buddhist is taught purely as philosophy but not exactly Buddhist education. It seems that the study of Buddhism is to seek shiny labels to slap on one’s reputation. The knowledge of Buddhism is based on the understanding of the Buddha’s teaching, but not on the purpose of showing off.
  • Degenerated Buddhism. Buddhism is degenerated into cult by some in some area. This is the most unfortunate things. Buddhism opens a door for people to attain spiritual freedom and enlightenment, but it is used as cult to confused and distracted people who believe in it. If one wants to gain a promotion or wealth by chanting Buddha’s name.

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