How to Find A Buddhist Retreat

Buddhist retreat is a great way to explore Buddhism and the inner side of oneself. There are various retreats available, such as retreats for Zen arts, for meditation and for family gatherings as well as the retreats into the wilderness. A distant and exotic retreat is a nice choice.

What to Expect on a Buddhist Retreat

A Buddhist retreat is a place to seek monastic baptism. It is a bad idea to live luxuriously. One may share bathroom with other retreater and do some chores in the monastery. The monks will wake you up with clanging bells before dawn and invite you to a sunrise meditation. Your life in monasteries is simple but high-spiritual.

In a Buddhist retreat, one will be expected to join the Buddhist observances of the temples. Religious ritual is part of the Buddhist experience. If one doesn’t rituals, there are alternatives such as tai chi or communicate with monks.

For a serious person who aims to take the spiritual path through retreating, he/ she may starts with a beginner. During the retreating, one may find a greater depth of spiritual practices.

Where to Find Buddhist Retreats

You are suggested to find the monasteries by sect or location. First search on the websites and then see each monastery’s schedule of retreats. You can also go to Buddhist publications like Tricycle.

Ask help from other Buddhist practitioners who have been some retreats. There are some lovely places that you may be interested in through their accommodations.

A spiritual retreat is a personal adventure and will impact the life of a retreater. It is a space that one can shut out all the trivial of daily life and make a face-to-face communication with yourself.

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