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How-Does-Buddhism-Integrate-With-Confucianism How Does Buddhism Integrate With Confucianism?

With the spread of Buddhism into China, Buddhism successfully merged into Chinese culture and become an inseparable part of it. Chinese culture is featured by […]

Buddhist-Myth Buddhist Myth

What is the Core Teaching of the Buddha? Among all the insightful teachings of the Buddha, discipline, meditation and wisdom are three major aspects. Discipline […]

Buddhist-Retreat How to Find A Buddhist Retreat

Buddhist retreat is a great way to explore Buddhism and the inner side of oneself. There are various retreats available, such as retreats for Zen […]

Teacher How to Find a Buddhist Teacher

A good Buddhist teacher help you a lot on the path to enlightenment. However, before finding a teacher, you should make clear why you need […]

A-Buddhist-Philosophy-of-Education A Buddhist Philosophy of Education

A Buddhist philosophy of education is based on a Buddhist social philosophy. No society will manage education without associating it with beliefs in regard to […]

Buddhist-Social-Philosophy Buddhist Social Philosophy

Buddhism and Social Philosophy Some argue that Buddhism offers no social philosophy. However, this argument makes no sense since it all depends on how we […]

Buddhist-Music Buddhist Music

Along with the spread of the religion of Buddhism, Buddhist music is inspired by the philosophy of Buddhism. Honkyoku In Japanese Zen Buddhist tradition, it […]

Buddhist-Lifestyle Buddhist Lifestyle

As a scared religion, Buddhism is considered to be mysterious by non-Buddhists. They are wondering what kind of life Buddhists are living. In fact, there […]

A-Buddhist-Perspective-on-Health A Buddhist Perspective on Health

In modern society, health problem is seen as one of the most significant issues of human beings. Scientific health facilities and systems provide great help […]

A-Buddhist-Approach-to-Illness A Buddhist Approach to Illness

Buddhist religion believes that human beings are afflicted with illness because of three poisons: greed, anger and ignorance. Once a person is stuck in one […]