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What-is-Buddhist-Metta What is Buddhist Metta?

Definition: In Buddhist tradition, metta refers to a state of loving-kindness, friendliness, sympathy as well as benevolence. It is a sublime practice of meditation of […]

happyness What is Buddhist Happiness?

The Buddha said: life is suffering. As such, is there happiness from Buddhist perspective? It is believed that a Buddhist practitioner is able to train […]

Buddhist-Dating Buddhist Passion: Buddhist Dating

Do you know Buddhist dating? All you know about Buddhist may be just the image of the Buddha or The Dalai Lama and his disciples. […]

Are You a Buddhist Single?

It is widely believed that a Buddhist is supposed to remove attachment and worldly desire from the mind in order to achieve enlightenment. Does it […]

A Personal View on Buddhism

Having written on Buddhist channel for half a month, I gradually got familiar with Buddhist teachings. Even though I simply do some research about Buddhism, […]

Angry? Go to Buddhist Belief !

Anger is an obstacle and poison to the attainment of enlightenment. But we do get angry. Anger is one of the three poisons in Buddhist […]

What is Buddhist Walking Meditation?

Definition A form of meditation in action, which focuses on the experience of walking itself to increase mindfulness. It is a matter of one’s awareness […]

What is Buddhist Cosmology?

Buddhist Cosmology It is a school of Buddhist philosophy associated with the origin, process and structure of the universe. Even though it is far away […]

Top 5 Celebrity Buddhists

What is the huge news in the celebrity world? Lists of celebrities publicly claim themselves as Buddhists. Among all the hot news, celebrity Buddhists are […]

What is Sitting Meditation in Buddhism?

Sitting Meditation in Zen Buddhism In Zen Buddhism, sitting meditation is an important practice. Sitting meditation asks for full attention and concentration as well as […]