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Teacher How to Find a Buddhist Teacher

A good Buddhist teacher help you a lot on the path to enlightenment. However, before finding a teacher, you should make clear why you need […]

Buddhist-Music Buddhist Music

Along with the spread of the religion of Buddhism, Buddhist music is inspired by the philosophy of Buddhism. Honkyoku In Japanese Zen Buddhist tradition, it […]

Top 5 Celebrity Buddhists

What is the huge news in the celebrity world? Lists of celebrities publicly claim themselves as Buddhists. Among all the hot news, celebrity Buddhists are […]

Buddhist Films

There are many feature films about Buddhist religion. Let’s take a look. Jacob’s Ladder (1990) It was reviewed as a psychological thriller by the public […]

Buddhist Diet

In the Five Precepts of Buddhism, Buddhist practitioners should avoid the intake of intoxicating food like alcohol and drugs. So, what is a real Buddhist […]

The Buddhist View of The World

This article aims to present the Buddhist explanations of the origin of the world and the nature of the universe. Origin of the World Is […]

What is a Buddhist Shrine?

In most religions, shrines act as holy relics which attract the practice of pilgrimage. Shrines are places for groups and an individual to practice worship. […]

Things You Should Know About Buddhism

It is widely known that Buddhism is a religion and philosophy based on the teachings of the Buddha. To know more about Buddhism, there are […]

How to Practice Tibetan Buddhist Prayer

In Buddhist tradition, there are various ways to pray. In this respect, Tibetan Buddhism provides a range of ways of prayer for its practitioners to […]

How Did Buddhism Spread to China?

Based on the teachings of the venerable Buddha, Buddhism is one of the three major religions in the world. Originated in India, Buddhism gradually spread […]