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What is Buddhist Walking Meditation?

Definition A form of meditation in action, which focuses on the experience of walking itself to increase mindfulness. It is a matter of one’s awareness […]

What is Sitting Meditation in Buddhism?

Sitting Meditation in Zen Buddhism In Zen Buddhism, sitting meditation is an important practice. Sitting meditation asks for full attention and concentration as well as […]

A Buddhist View of Romantic Love

The ultimate goal of Buddhism is to do away with attachment and attain nirvana, a state of contentment that reduces one’s worldly desire, like the […]

Buddhist Misunderstandings (4)

Paying respect to the Buddha also arises some misunderstanding among the public. The Observance to The Buddha It is believed that the Buddha is standing […]

Buddhist Misunderstandings (3)

This article goes on with one of the Buddhist misunderstandings. Supra Mundane The Buddha taught us: There is this world as well as another world […]

Buddhist Misunderstandings (2)

In the last article, we dispelled the myth: Life is suffering, so life is meaningless and hopeless. Today, we will continue Buddhist misunderstanding on Buddhist […]

Buddhist Misunderstandings (1)

Do you really know Buddhism? Some Buddhists claim that they are following the exact teachings of the Buddha. However, along with the course of Buddhist […]

Buddhist View On Capital Punishment

Buddhism and Capital Punishment Most world major religions take an ambiguous perspective on capital punishment. This also applies to Buddhism, a diverse religion with various […]

The Noble Eightfold Path

In Buddhist tradition, The Eightfold Path is a principle teaching to attain the cessation of suffering and achieve self-awakening. It is a beneficial way for […]

Buddhist Economics

According to The Free Encyclopedia, Buddhist economics refers to a system of economic principles related with Buddhist beliefs. In Buddhist economics, individuals are encouraged to […]