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Buddhist-Dating Buddhist Passion: Buddhist Dating

Do you know Buddhist dating? All you know about Buddhist may be just the image of the Buddha or The Dalai Lama and his disciples. […]

Are You a Buddhist Single?

It is widely believed that a Buddhist is supposed to remove attachment and worldly desire from the mind in order to achieve enlightenment. Does it […]

A Personal View on Buddhism

Having written on Buddhist channel for half a month, I gradually got familiar with Buddhist teachings. Even though I simply do some research about Buddhism, […]

Angry? Go to Buddhist Belief !

Anger is an obstacle and poison to the attainment of enlightenment. But we do get angry. Anger is one of the three poisons in Buddhist […]

What is Renunciation in Buddhism?

In Buddhist tradition, renunciation refers to the act of taking the vows of a monk or nun. However, renouncing is not the only way to […]

The Position of Women in Buddhism

Nowadays, women play an increasing influence on society. What we are doing now is to look at the role of women from a Buddhist perspective. […]

What is Buddhist Socialism?

Buddhist socialism is a political ideology associated with the principles of Buddhism. It seems to contradict with the modern mind. However, it is worth trying […]

The Buddhist Approach to Sex

Sexual conduct is seen as a sensitive matter without much openness in most religion. Buddhism has rigid rules about sexual matter. In Buddhist tradition, the […]

Buddhist Attitude Towards Abortion

Buddhist tradition varies from region to region. In this respect, there is no single Buddhist approach to abortion. As regards abortion, Buddhism speaks with more […]

A Buddhist View of Environment

Buddhism blesses all the living beings on the earth. In fact, Buddhist religion is an ecological religion. Buddhism teaches that human beings should live in […]